• 5 days of extra personal time off
  • Meal vouchers worth CZK 110 in the form of a Sodexo card
  • Contribution to life insurance or supplementary pension insurance + financial advisor
  • ActivePass card
  • Bank account – eKonto KOMPLET under beneficial conditions
  • Bonus for recommending a potential candidate
  • Mobile tariff (also for family members)
  • Language courses
  • Mobile phone + laptop based on work occupation

We are Entry Engineering

We appreciate and value our colleagues and therefore we offer support in the form of benefits.

1. Homework for the week at Entry


Have a beer with one of your new colleagues!


We do not pretend

We do not require using titles and kowtowing. Unless we have a meeting with a customer, we wear what we feel comfortable in. If you cannot imagine your life without a tie then it is okay, but you can also wear a T-shirt and jeans. As long as you come to work clean and fresh, we do not care how you dress!

You do not have to pretend that you are working

You watch your own attendance. You keep track of the time you spend working and then you report the time under a specific task in the project. We observe flexible work hours, so it depends on how you set your work hours with your superior. It is vital to report continuously and work with task statuses.

We do not bite

We are all friendly and accommodating. We do not need to feed our ego at anyone’s expense. You get regular feedback on your performance, but it is no stress.

Recommend us to your friends
We are glad that you want to become part of our team and we wish you good luck and success.

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