Cookies and storing information on your computer

What are cookies?

These are small data files that are necessary for certain website functions, such as logging in. Thanks to cookies, websites can also remember various settings, such as language, font and other features that you have chosen for displaying the websites. That is why we place cookies on your computer. Most large websites and providers do the same.

Short-term (session cookies)

remain in your browser until you close your browser. Then they are deleted.

Long-term (persistent cookies)

remain stored in your browser for a long time (depending on your browser settings and cookie settings) or until you delete them manually.

First party cookies

are created directly by the website or scripts sharing the same domain. They are mostly used to ensure the basic functionality of the website.

Third party cookies

are most often cookies belonging to advertising systems, social network widgets or embedded videos.

We use these cookies on this website:

Technical (first party, short-term)

cookies are necessary to ensure the basic function of the website, i.e. to save the selected language version.

Google Analytics (first party, long-term)

is used to better adapt the website to your preferences. We use Google Analytics to measure anonymous data that define the users’ behaviour.

How to adjust the use of cookies

You can delete all cookies that are already on your computer. Most browsers also offer the option to block the placement of cookies in your computer. However, blocking means that you will not be able to use all of our on-line services. Detailed information on the settings defining storage of cookies in your browser may be found at the website of the specific browser provider.