About us

We entered the market in 2011 as a design office and ever since we have been experiencing rocket speed growth. We started with ten people but in 2017 we already had 50 and now there are almost 300 employees.

You can find us in several places in the Czech Republic. In Mladá Boleslav, where we develop and test various functions and components that you will sooner or later find in your car.

We build parts for everything that flies or drives. Thanks to our work, we get to visit places that others cannot, and we know about the latest innovations in the automotive industry even five years in advance.

We pay attention to quality and safety, which is why we are certified according to Tisax, ISO14001 and ISO9001.

Engineering services

Our activities cover a wide range of development and 3D modelling activities, e.g. visualization of components and parts, DMU analyses, not only in the automotive industry.


The purpose of our work is to achieve better performance and results – both in our and your company. We will be happy to consult with you on tender proceedings, selection and purchase of HW and SW as well as benchmarking issues.

Methodological support

Effective use of systems will save you a lot of time and money. Do not try to come up with every solution by yourself. We will be happy to train you and your employees in the effective use of Catia software including feasibility studies and budget planning.


Not sure how to proceed with installation? That does not matter. We will be happy to help you with installation as well as with technical and application support.

Interactive electronics

Detailed knowledge of the field and practical experience allow us to take responsibility for the development and testing of vehicle infotainment systems and provide a functional application for a specific model line.

We entered the market

Team members


Enthusiasm for technology

Branches in the Czech Republic

…Entry in numbers

“There were only two of us when we launched Entry in 2011. Today, we have more than 300 employees and you can find us in Jablonec, Liberec, Mladá Boleslav and Ohrazenice.”

Development of interactive electronics and design

Software development for the car of tomorrow We are engaged in the development of technologiestesting and engineering services used in the automotive industry.

Pavel Paickr

Pavel is the head of the entire company. His brain is like a map that we sometimes need a compass to navigate through.

Jan Souček

Executive director
Honza is the second executive of our company. He is an aviation fan and an active participant in dynamic shooting competitions.

Entry Jablonec nad Nisou

Entry Engineering s.r.o.
Turnovská 2424/22
46601 Jablonec nad Nisou

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Mo – Fri:  8:30 – 16:30

Entry Liberec

1. máje 863/9, 460 07 Liberec

Entry Ohrazenice

Ohrazenice 254, 511 01 Ohrazenice

Entry Mladá Boleslav

Vodkova 84, 293 01 Mladá Boleslav

Českobratrské nám. 133, 293 01 Mladá Boleslav

Jaselská 102/45, 293 01 Mladá Boleslav

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ISO14001 | ISO9001