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Join us and be at the forefront of what is happening right now. There are many possibilities, you will definitely find your place.

We will help you develop your talent

Technology and innovation are the basic pillars of Entry, which is why, in addition to work, you will find a lot of fun with us. We organize various events from the world of cars. All with the support of our specialists and mentors.

We will immediately give you 6 reasons why you should work for Entry

Find out what you enjoy

Try an internship, a temporary job, a part-time job or write a final thesis.

We will help you

Your mentor will help you with everything and take you under his or her wing and teach you everything you need.

Start with Entry

Start your career in a technology-oriented company that will help you to discover unseen opportunities.

Graduate programme

After your internship is over, you can join the graduate programme. We will not let capable people go.

We will adapt to your needs

We have a flexible working environment and we try to meet the needs of trainees, for example, based on your school schedule.

Innovate with us

We are a young team and we support new ideas and we love advances, especially in technology.

Who will be your colleague?

Matěj Netušil

Project manager of integrative electronics

Matěj is our “hacker”, whose biggest crime is curiosity. He only needs a few clicks to pinpoint the location of your car. He is constantly at work. He loves his dog, his motorcycle and probably his wife too.

Zdeněk Konývka


Our car body designer is Zdeněk. He is behind the look of car bodies, and likes to look at broad contexts of inspiration when designing surfaces. He likes heights and futuristic visions not only in the automotive industry.

Honza Kotrč

Team leader

Honza leads a team of people who perform on-line testing of applications used in automotive interactive electronics. In his free time he actively performs sports and follows motor racing and cars. His great hobby is taking care of his historic car, which he takes to a number of old-timer car meetings.

Who are we looking for?

We are mainly looking for enthusiasts and creative people who will help us make the world a little bit easier.

Who is internship for?

Internship is designed for students of technical and economic high schools and universities, who not only like to earn extra money, but who want to try interesting work. We do not require any experience. We will teach you what you need to know.

How does that work?

Take a look at this page and fill out the form below and it’s done. We will contact you as soon as possible.

How long is internship?

The length varies. It always depends on a mutual agreement. Usually, it lasts at least 3 months. Mandatory practical internships at high schools and summer jobs are an exception.

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