Development of HW and SW electronics

The HW and SW electronics development department deals with the design and production of electronic components, including prototype production and firmware development for microcontrollers. Further, the department also focuses on the development of software used for test data analysis, maintenance and programming of new functions for software supplied to customers and the creation of programs according to customer requirements.

Our projects


The EntrySIM device allows you to send CAN FD messages simultaneously to four different CAN buses. When the device is initiated, messages on the connected buses are scanned for 2 seconds.

The device reads the identifiers of messages that are already running on the CAN bus, stores them in the RAM memory and prevents sending of duplicate messages. The function is also restarted after the device wakes up from a sleep mode, or when the architecture is changed, or if the used CAN buses are changed.

Project management WiFi 5GHz MIB 3

Based on the available GPS coordinates from the OCU unit, we can identify the country where the unit is located. Using these coordinates we can return the corresponding country code in line with ISO3166 Alpha 2.

The delivery includes a map background and a binary (final translation) component of the system for the target OS running on MIB3. It also includes returnable parts and communication with the MIB3 logging system.

Worldwide map coverage of 10 km was required. The system was developed and tested on a MIB3 test rig.

Controlled discharging / charging of HV batteries

The system allows you to simulate the load of a high-voltage battery according to the data that define the charging and discharging process, while simulating the load of the high-voltage battery as if it is loaded in real operation.

The battery is controlled by PC software and the battery status and measurement test process are also displayed.

Other projects are in the preparation stage…