Design and development

Do you need to materialize your technical visions or give a new look to your device? We are here for you. Development and delivery of prototypes is what we can do and what we enjoy. The Liberec branch of Entry Engineering focuses on design of machinery, single-purpose machines and on production and handling of jigs/accessories made according to customer requirements.

How does it work?

Creation and processing

In a very short time, we prepare a visual demonstration of your project with CAD models and production documentation. We manufacture sample parts using 3D printing, machining or pressing on our own machines. We ensure the perfect appearance of parts using common surface treatment methods such as galvanizing, anodizing, painting.

The final form of the product

The design of your product will be processed by a team of top designers who, among other things, also handle carbon conversions of luxury cars. According to your ideas, our designers will create a series of sketches, image designs, subsequent 3D mass visualizations and A-class surfaces for production.

Development of shape-complex parts

We also handle development of shape-complex parts for manufacturers involved in the automotive industry as well as directly for the VW Group. When creating CAD data in Catia software, we observe the tree structure of parts. Data communication is subject to strict Tisax certification standards applicable to prototype development. We have access to Hyper KVS and Connect data portals.

How does it work?



– Milling
– Turning
– Engraving
– Welding – steel, stainless steel, aluminium
– Machining of large welded pieces
(3,000 x 3,000 x 3,000 mm)
– Bending
– Riveting
– Completion and assembly



– Pressing
– Milling
– Turning
– Bending
– Welding
– Bonding
– Laying in the mould (hooves)


– Catia V5 R28 (VW GRC, validat; PAG) – Creo – SolidWorks – Rhinoceros


– Production of moulds (gluing and machining of wood-plastic / epoxy blocks)
– Carbon part forming


– Polyjet – Vero, Vivid – light simulation, Veroflex – flexible materials
– FDM – ABS, PET, PLA, TPE, ASA, PP, PolyCast – fusible models
– SLS – metal printing