Portable device designed for testing, simulation and diagnostics on CAN, CAN FD, LIN and UDS buses. Possibility of remote access to the tested device / test bench.

We are preparing automotive 100TBase and 1GB Ethernet.

The individual buses can be freely configured, there are 3 slots in the front panel and these can be fitted with the necessary cards.



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Easy to use even for beginners in testing and diagnostics, the operator only needs basic knowledge. The device can be built directly into the test bench and controlled and diagnosed remotely via LTE or using a VPN connection within the corporate network. For VPN connections, the cooperation of the IT department is required.

The device can be used in several ways:

Testing and simulation - A tile menu system allows easy access to preferred tests. The user can easily change these or create new ones. Simulation options are available via CAN, CAN FD, BAP and UDS protocols.

Diagnostics - Basic diagnostic functions within the UDS protocol. No additional diagnostic software and hardware head required. There is also the option to change the settings and configuration of the car by connecting the device to the car bus.


Technical parameters

  • Power supply [V]:
  • Operating temperatures:
  • Storage temperature:
  • Operating humidity:
  • Dimensions [mm]:
  • Weight:






Package content

2x CAN cable for each CAN module according to the configuration
1x LIN cable 8 channels for each LIN module according to the configuration




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