Test bench

The test bench is dedicated to testing of vehicle units and performing simulations without the need to use the entire vehicle. This compact solution also offers the ability to conveniently change individual vehicle units, update software and firmware according to testing and simulation needs.
The device is ready to connect other vehicle units and diagnostic tools to the side panel. You can connect EasySim or EntrySim optionaly without extra modifications.





  • Fully configurable aluminum design, dimensions according to customer specifications
  • Possibility to stack 3 test benches on top of each other
  • Fully mobile test equipment, online version including backend registration
  • Including fuse box
  • Adjustable power supply to 13.8 V
  • Compatible with EntrySim and EasySim
  • CAN + ETH tracing + PWM + mute
  • Option: display for current and voltage monitoring
  • Option: start / stop button + OBD connector
  • Option: switching between MIB3 OI and MIB3 EI (relay)
  • Option: bonnet opening switch / relay
  • Available for MEB, MQB37w, MQB A0, MQB A / B


Technical parameters

Standard implemented hardware:

  • Gateway
  • BCM, FCM
  • MFL
  • ABT
  • OCU
  • MIB
  • DCC
  • Air conditioning
  • ACC
  • Door units
  • PDC, PLA, Area view
  • Kessy
  • IID
  • GSM, LTE, GPS, FM AM aftermarket antenas
  • RLS
  • MFK
  • LTM (light modul)
  • Rear camera
  • Amplifier + up to 12 speakers



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