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We are Entry. We are mainly engaged in the development of infotainment systems for cars and at the moment we have several opportunities which can jump-start your career.



Entry is blue, but we think green

The environment is important to us and we strive to preserve it. This means, among other things, that we sort waste for recycling, do not waste and we turn the lights off.

What are our values?

  • Seize your opportunity
  • Use common sense
  • Find a solution
  • Take responsibility
  • Share and learn from others

Interactive electronics

Development and testing of infotainment systems

Engineering services

Development – 3D modelling – DMU analysis


Technical and application support

Methodological support

Effective use of the system – Training – Planning – Budgeting – Feasibility study


Selection and purchase of HW – SW, benchmarking – Tenders

First steps in ENTRY


You sign the necessary documents such as the contract and handover protocols


You will get acquainted with the company and corporate culture


We will take a picture of you and include it the organizational structure


We will show you the systems we use


You will take over the necessary equipment, hardware, keys and chips

We will introduce you to your colleagues

You will see our offices, meeting rooms and the kitchenette

You will get your job


We are constantly learning


We are still growing

Where are we?

1. máje 863/9, 460 07 Liberec

Company management – HR department – Administration department – Economic department – IT – Design and construction

Vodkova 84, 293 01 Mladá Boleslav

MOD services testing – Automation of testing – HR office

Českobratrské nám. 133, 293 01 Mladá Boleslav

Testing by navigation

Jaselská 102/45, 293 01 Mladá Boleslav

MOD services testing – Project management – Defect analysis of large-series and pre-series cars – MOD testing for Chinese projects


We do not pretend

We do not require using titles and kowtowing. Unless we have a meeting with a customer, we wear what we feel comfortable in. If you cannot imagine your life without a tie then it is okay, but you can also wear a T-shirt and jeans. As long as you come to work clean and fresh, we do not care how you dress!

You do not have to pretend that you are working

You watch your own attendance. You keep track of the time you spend working and then you report the time under a specific task in the project. We observe flexible work hours, so it depends on how you set your work hours with your superior. It is vital to report continuously and work with task statuses.

We do not bite

We are all friendly and accommodating. We do not need to feed our ego at anyone’s expense. You get regular feedback on your performance, but it is no stress.

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We are glad that you want to become part of our team and we wish you good luck and success.

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